One would not immediately associate skin care as being a culprit when one is pregnant. Skincare rarely tops the list of things to avoid when one is expecting and the media does not ever cite skincare as being unsafe for going-to-be mothers. Skincare contains a list of ingredients that might cause trouble for the fetus during the developmental stage and it is best to be avoided at any cost. Here we discuss a list of skincare products safe for pregnancy and the ones that are best avoided to prevent any complications from arising.

A Comprehensive List of Items to Avoid:

  • Retinol is a must-have for all skincare enthusiasts but it may cause neurological disorders in newborn babies.
  • High-dose salicylic acid is a no-no during pregnancy, however low dosages are considered safe to use.
  • Hydroquinone is notorious for its absorption into the human body. As a result, it is deemed quite unsafe for an unborn baby to come in contact with it.
  • Anything that uses phthalates should send warning signals as these are deemed unsafe as well.
  • Formaldehyde is perhaps one of the most common ingredients when it comes to skincare but it is also one you must avoid at all costs during this time.

While you might be making changes to your diet and lifestyle to accommodate the welcoming of a new facet in your life, it is essential to remember that skincare tends to be more of a foe than a friend at this juncture.