Pilots: New VFR procedures for westbound departures and arrivals during south flow operations

The attached map and instructions detail new Visual Flight Rules procedures for westbound arrivals and departures during south flow operations at King County International Airport/Boeing Field.

Attention pilots: New Visual Flight Rules (VFR) procedures are now in place for westbound arrivals and departures during south flow operations.

These new procedures are the result of years of work between the Airport, the local air traffic control tower, Seattle Terminal Radar Approach Control (TRACON) and local pilots. The new arrival and departure procedures give BFI a more accessible approach underneath the busy Class B airspace for the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport.

The exact procedures are dependent on whether the aircraft is arriving or departing, and are as follows:


“LINCOLN” VFR Departure

  • Make a right downwind over the river at 800 feet MSL (mean sea level)
  • Turn west at the South Park Bridge, to overfly “School Buses,” continuing west with an approximate ground trace of 250 degrees over SW Thistle Street
  • Once established on a westbound path, climb up to an altitude below 1,100 MSL until Chief Sealth International High School
  • Cross Chief Sealth International High School, then climb to cross the south half of Lincoln Park below 2,000 feet MSL
  • Continue to the vicinity of Vashon Heights, then proceed on course



  • Report to BFI in the vicinity of the Blake Island Marina
  • Proceed to pass just north of the Lincoln Park tree-break to cross the shoreline below 2,000 MSL, then to the “Water Towers,” with an approximate ground track 70 degrees inbound; report to the towers
  • Pass just south of South Seattle Community College, below 1,100 MSL
  • Descend to 800 feet and proceed toward the “Orange & White Checkered Hangar” at the northwest corner of the Boeing ramp, enter the right downwind over the river unless otherwise directed Air Traffic Control (ATC)