Students get behind-the-scenes look at the Airport

One of the best parts of our job is helping young people discover the aviation industry.

Last month, we got the opportunity to introduce several students from Renton High School to our work as part of DiscoverU – when students across Seattle and South King County are encouraged to explore college and career options. Programs Manager Tricia Diamond helped coordinate the visit to King County International Airport/Boeing Field.

Throughout the day, students got an overview of the different jobs necessary to keep the Airport functioning on a 24/7 basis. They heard directly from Boeing Field staff about:

  • Operations and Security – working with the Federal Aviation Administration, monitoring takeoffs and landings, making the sure airfield is secure, etc.
  • Airport Rescue and Fire Fighting (ARFF) – responding to emergencies on the airfield and making sure crews can reach an emergency quickly.
  • Maintenance – making sure our terminal is functioning properly, as well as airside painting and equipment.
  • Finance and Administration (Engineering, Building Information Modeling, Finance) – managing matters such as overall budget, building planning or even the cost to park an aircraft at Boeing Field.

Airport Director Randall Berg spoke about the array of opportunities in those areas and others in the aviation industry. Some students said they were surprised those options – everything from finance supervisor to engineer to firefighter – even existed.

“We feel strongly that there are young people, like you, in the community around us, that really aren’t familiar with the opportunities that are here,” Berg said. “There are just so many opportunities in the aviation industry.”

Students also practiced how to handle an airfield emergency with mentors guiding the way through a hypothetical train derailment near the airport.

Tag along on the DiscoverU visit to the KCIA in this video.

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