Boeing Field serves as official alternate for Sea-Tac International Airport


Did you know that when planes bound for Seattle-Tacoma International Airport can’t land for any number of reasons, King County International Airport/Boeing Field comes to the rescue as the official Plan B?

Ok, maybe our efforts aren’t that heroic, but we do play a role in helping the occasional commercial airplane safely reach our neighboring passenger hub to the south.

Boeing Field is the official backup plan for aircraft that can’t land or have to wait to touch down at Sea-Tac. Whether due to low clouds, low visibility or a crowded runway, aircraft can’t stay airborne for long if they need fuel.

Take last week, for instance. Two commercial aircraft bound for Sea-Tac made quick stops at Boeing Field to refuel on separate days. In one case, a flight from Boston was diverted to our Airport. About 30 passengers opted to de-board at our facility instead of Sea-Tac and find their own mode of transportation on the ground. An hour after touching down, the plane continued onto the original destination with the remaining passengers.

We’ve seen days in which Boeing Field has welcomed multiple Sea-Tac flights due to inclement weather.

So why are we an ideal backup? For one, we’re less than 10 miles away. Another reason is we’re located only 21 feet above sea level, which means if visibility is bad or obscured at Sea-Tac, pilots will likely have more time to see our runway once they break from the clouds and safely land.

Whatever the reason, we’re just happy to help travelers get to where they need to go safely.