Let it snow: King County Airport is ready

five snowplows on airport runwaySnow may be in the forecast, but staff at King County International Airport/Boeing Field is ready — fresh from conducting our annual pre-winter season review of plans and procedures.

We’ve reviewed with stakeholders our FAA approved Snow and Ice Control Plan, which outlines how we prepare, the various levels of the plan, and under what conditions we put the plan in place. We’ve met with tenants to review special environmental protections to keep in mind for winter.

And this week we began our series of weekly “practice runs,” where we take out our snow removal equipment and practice driving in formation, testing communications and safety. We test the equipment on the runways and taxiways between incoming and outgoing flights, in coordination with the air traffic control tower. We have been doing these practice runs twice weekly during the pre-winter and winter season for the last three years, and feel comfortable with our abilities to remove snow from runways and taxiways.

The Airport does not routinely close during snowfall. Rather, in accordance with our Snow and Ice Control Plan, we close surfaces for short periods of time to clean them and complete friction tests, which are then reported to the air traffic control tower and relayed to pilots. Our Operations Maintenance and Management staff meet regularly to discuss tactics and equipment.

Stay tuned to our Airport Facebook page and other internal communications channels for any changes in Airport operations due to the weather.